Kiln-dried firewood delivered to your door

Logs & kindling, sustainably sourced from Cornwall & Devon woodland

Moor Heat provide homes & businesses with high quality, sustainably sourced firewood from local estates. From our yard in St Neot, we supply across mid & east Cornwall – delivered free to any customer within 20 miles.

We kiln-dry all our wood to ensure a maximum 25% moisture content. By burning just one of our logs, you’ll get 3 TIMES the heat output value of one with 50%. It’s more cost-effective, safer, and can drastically prolong the life of your stove & flue.

Call us on 01579 320 203 to place your order:
Free Delivery*, various sizes to suit your burner

*Deliveries are free within 20 miles of our depot, after which we charge £2 per additional mile


We serve campsites, hotels & estates. Bulk & special orders no problem.


All Moor Heat wood is sustainably sourced, & suitable for all RHI schemes


Find out why our wood is such high quality, & which option is best for you

Fallen tree on your land? Call 01579 320 203:
Log splitting service available

7 reasons to order your firewood with Moor Heat


More heat, less wood

Kiln-drying produces a top quality range of hard & softwoods for burning, limited to 25% maximum moisture content.


Free, tailored delivery

Logs delivered to suit individual storage & access requirements. Delivery free up to 20 miles. (£1 fuel charge for every extra mile.)


Protect your chimney

Burning unseasoned wood will block the flue with a corrosive tar. This reduces the life of your stove & flue, and is a fire risk


Know what you’re getting

We sell strictly to regulation: volume, not weight. And we always make sure you get the full cubic metre. So you’ll know exactly how much you’re getting, every time.


BSL & RHI approved

As members of the approved Biomass Suppliers List (BSL) members, our woodfuel is eligible for customers claiming the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).



We only buy harvested wood from reputable foresters, or local estates where trees have fallen or died of old age. We endeavour to keep road miles to a minimum.


Friendly, helpful service

All our staff are polite, reliable, & knowledgeable about what they do. Please let us know if there is any specific way we can assist with your delivery.

Moor Heat firewood: What to buy, & why it’s best

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