About us

The story behind Moor Heat

Where the idea came from

For the past 10 years, we’ve sold firewood as a by-product of our tree surgery, biomass and forestry business. We quickly discovered that, since logs are sold in so many different guises, that customers rarely know exactly what they’re paying for.

Realising this, we made a decision to concentrate purely on producing the highest quality logs possible, made to a very exact standard. The difference with our logs is that you know exactly what you’re buying.

Where we are today

We built a brand new timber yard, and invested in the very latest processing equipment, and a biomass boiler to produce heat for a made to measure timber kiln. We can batch dry 50m³ at a time, which takes 10 days. In this time, moisture content in our logs is taken from 70% to about 20%. By kiln drying all of our wood, we can now accurately monitor moisture content ensuring you get the very best quality, driest firewood available.

Our commitment to sustainability

As people who depend on natural resources for our business, the environment is important to us. Our kiln makes use of any waste wood from our timber yard, and clean waste wood from a local recycling centre, under licence from the Environment Agency. Our recycling ethic is far more environmentally friendly than kilns run on fossil fuels.

With such a large portion of Cornwall & Devon covered by woodland, there’s plenty of naturally-occurring deadwood available, which we use whenever possible. We make sure that any felled tree we use has been harvested by a reputable forester. All Moor Heat wood is sourced from the nearest possible location to our yard, and can be traced to the woodlands where it was grown. Unlike some companies, who import logs from as far as Eastern Europe, we endeavour to keep road miles down as much as possible.

Firewood for sale

Hard Wood
2 Cubic Metres
Below 25% Moisture
Mixed Load
50% Hard/Softwood
2 Cubic Metres
Below 25% Moisture
Soft Wood
2 Cubic Metres
Below 25% Moisture

Call Moor Heat on 01579 320 203 to place your order: Free Delivery*

*Deliveries are free within 20 miles of our depot, after which we charge £2 per additional mile
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