Kiln-dried firewood for sale

Hardwood, softwood or mixed. Which to choose, and why.

Pound-for-pound, the heat output of hardwood and softwood is actually more or less equal. Of course, softwood is less dense and considerably lighter, so it produces less heat by volume. Forestry Commission data suggests that 3 hardwood logs will produce the same heat as 4 softwood logs of the same size.

Our prices reflect this, but both types of log are a capable, economical alternative to heating with oil, gas or electricity. Cut from trees that fall on local estates, or harvested wood from reputable foresters, our logs and kindling are carbon neutral, and help to contribute to UK renewable energy targets.

We sell kindling from £2.62 per net and bagged logs from £5/bag. Ask for details.

Do you run a business?

We supply regular deliveries to pubs & hotels who need a large scale, reliable service delivered at a time to suit them.
For campsite & self-catering owners: ask about our softwood or our bagged logs – they’re perfect for firepits.

Firewood for sale

Hard Wood
2 cubic metres £220
1 cubic metre £120
Below 25% Moisture
From £110
Mixed Load
50% Hard/Softwood
2 cubic metres
Below 25% Moisture
From £195
Soft Wood
2 Cubic Metres
Below 25% Moisture
From £160
Bagged Logs
Bags of Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs
30 bags (min order) £172.50
48 bags £264
100 bags £500

Contact for wholesale prices

From £5/bag
Inclusive of VAT at 5%. We also sell kindling from £2.62 per net. See price table below.

Call Moor Heat on 01579 320 203 to place your order: Free Delivery*

*Deliveries are free within 20 miles of our depot, after which we charge £2 per additional mile

What to choose?

Hard Wood

The finest logs available. Species include ash, beech, sycamore, oak and chestnut, all cut to around 9½ inches. Our hardwood logs generate high heat over a long period. Burns for about a third longer than softwood does.

Use this for:

Perfect for open fires or woodburners needing minimum tending.

Mixed Load

A 50/50 mix of hard and softwood gives a brilliant all-round combination of quick heat with longer lasting hardwood logs.

Use this for:

Ideal utility purchase for woodburners and open fires.

Soft Wood

Consisting of pine or coniferous wood mostly seen in forestry plantations or mountainous regions, softwood is favoured by Scandinavian and alpine countries. It’s very easy to light and heats the room fast, but burns quicker than hardwood.

Use this for:

Ideally suited for woodburners or outdoor firepits. We use our softwood for the firepit in the garden whenever we can. Popular at glamping/camp sites where groups can enjoy tending to the fire.

Bagged Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs

These bags are sealed and clean, perfect for when storage is tricky. They are also great for holiday cottages, fire pits, or even taking to the beach! The bags are fully recyclable and hold around 12 logs each.

Use this for:

Easy storage and just the right amount for your evening at the beach or on the campsite.


We recently invested in a fantastic kindling machine, so you can now get super-dry, ready-cut kindling along with our deliveries.

Use this for:

More time enjoying your fire, less time lighting it.

More reasons Moor Heat is better

Guaranteed dry logs

A log of 25% moisture has nearly 3 TIMES the calorific value of a log that is 50% moisture. In other words, you’d need to burn 3 damp logs to get the same heat as just one of our kiln dried logs – all tested to a maximum of 25% moisture content.

Protect your stove & chimney

Burning unseasoned wood will block the flue with a corrosive tar, that not only reduces the life of your stove & flue, but is also a considerable fire risk.

We sell by volume, not weight

Just like buying heating oil or gas, you know exactly how much you are buying.

Environmental benefits

Our wood is sourced from the nearest possible location to our yard. We endeavour to keep road miles to a minimum and can trace all of our wood to the woodlands in Cornwall and Devon where it was grown.

Call Moor Heat on 01579 320 203 to place your order: Free Delivery*

*Deliveries are free within 20 miles of our depot, after which we charge £2 per additional mile

Our full price list

Kiln-Dried Hardwood2 Cubic Metres£220
1 Cubic Metre£120
Kiln-Dried Mixed Wood
(50/50 hardwood & softwood)
2 Cubic Metres£195
Kiln-Dried Softwood2 Cubic Metres£160
Kiln-Dried Softwood Nets(Min 30)£120
Bagged Kiln-Dried Hardwood Logs30 bags (min order)£172.50
48 bags£264
100 bags£500
WholesaleContact us for more info
Kindling NetsLess than 20 nets (ordered with logs)£5 per net
20 - 40 nets£4.00 per net
40 - 75 nets£3.50 per net
75 net pallet£2.73 per net
450mm BSL Approved Boiler Wood4 Cubic Metres£336
11 Cubic Metres£808.50
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